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Elegant imperfection, the raw and tactile Tephra Ring. #aliciahannahnaomi 2015

Til death do us part ☠ The Gneiss Ring Set can be made in other gemstones upon request. It is pictured here in black spinel, chosen for it’s subversive character. #aliciahannahnaomi

Last night; well suited.

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Stacked, #aliciahannahnaomi 2015.

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Beautiful brutality; The Crevasse and Awl rings. Available for preorder as part of the #aliciahannahnaomi 2015 collection.

Rings from the Alicia Hannah Naomi 2015 Collection.

Photographer: Steph Cammarano
Model: Toneya Chin (Scene Management)
Hair and Makeup: Holly-Rose Butler
Art Direction: Alicia Hannah Naomi

The Rasp ID Bracelet features a heavy front plate with a polished surface revealing roughened underlying treatment. The #aliciahannahnaomi 2015 key ‘awl’ texture is applied to the back side of the plate.


Paul Chan

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“ What on earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book, and a cup of coffee? ”

—    Anthony Trollope, The Warden (via larmoyante)

Absolutely nothing.

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The Tephra Earrings by Alicia Hannah Naomi.

P: Stephanie Cammarano
M: Toneya Chin (Scene Model Management)
H&MU: Holly-Rose Butler

A carved talisman of organic decay, The Carrion Pendant by #aliciahannahnaomi comes on a fine 75cm oval length chain.

Available for pre-order at now and selected stockists shortly.