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Hi there. I absolutely love your tumblr, your blog, your store but mainly I love your style! My style is kind of similar. I love designers like Rick Owens but I can't really afford his stuff right now as I'm at uni. Where can a girl like me obtain similar styles like his? Do you have any recommendations of designers on Asos or Etsy? Or any other places you can recommend? I just don't know where to start. Even places I could read up on this kind of avant garde style would be great. Thank you!

Asked by Anonymous

Hi Anon,

Thanks for your question! I’m back at uni too, affording new things can be tough! I used to buy new clothing every week and I was able to buy a lot of stuff if I shopped “affordably” at chain stores.

These days I don’t like having a lot of stuff, it makes me feel claustrophobic. Now that I’ve defined my style I also don’t feel the need to own a lot of stuff. I get joy every day from wearing the fewer things I own because I love them. But because I am also on a tight budget, I limit myself or maybe one or two items a month, and that’s really how I afford the Rick I own.

Also I haven’t paid full price for any of it except my biker jacket because it never goes on sale in my size. If you love Rick (etc), you should buy Rick (etc) - the cheaper options won’t make you happy.

I shop at places like YOOX, Farfetch and The Corner - they have great sales. The Outnet is excellent and is always on sale. I also have saved searches on eBay - there are quite a few online retailers who will sell off their excess stock on eBay so I’ve bought several new Rick (etc) items for very cheap there.

Otherwise if you’re still looking to go for a “similar” look, you could try OAK who do a lot of cool draped basics at a lower price point under their house brand. ComplexGeometries is one of my all-time favourite brands, they’re from Canada. Not MUCH cheaper but they have 40% off sales twice a year so sign up to their mailing list. All Saints is a UK brand who also do good end of season sales on leather and draped things. I like their knitwear.

You can also try shopping with emerging labels like Ovate and NUIT. They are very affordably price-pointed and manufactured by the designers themselves.

Although I do shop at cheap places like ASOS or Kmart or Zara on occasion, they don’t make up the basis of my wardrobe. I really only shop cheaply at those stores for basics like plain maxi skirts, or tanks that I layer underneath other tops come winter. Every now and again you can find a gem there too and that’s great, but I don’t seek them out.

For awesome info about lots of great niche avant garde brands check out Style Zeitgeist’s blog.

Whenever I used to buy “key” pieces from chain stores I’d still be left wanting the Rick (etc) I thought I couldn’t afford. So I kept shopping and spending more money on more things that never filled the void. It works out more expensive than investing in the one thing you really wanted in the first place. You just might have to wait a few extra weeks to be able to afford it, first. But the wait is worth it :)

Happy shopping!

A x