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By now you’ll know that I’m fascinated by the juxtaposition between dark and light, hard and soft, the organic and the austere. For this project I wanted to combine natural, non repetitive erosion with traditional ring forms. I used the flawless, high polished finish of the edges, table and inside bands to contrast the dark and irregular texture of the outer surfaces. These rings were hand-carved and then cast in solid sterling silver and are very heavy.

The mountainous ELCHO FALLING has proved to be a favourite on social media getting a lot of love on instagram and tumblr. I have had a mold made of it so I can re-cast it because it would be impossible to recraft it and get it exactly the same. It will be available for custom order via email from June 10th.

The signet ring SERPENT’S NEST is probably my favourite simply because it’s the most wearable for every day. I have also had a mold made of it so I can cast another one for myself.

The stone in PRIESTESS OF THE COIL is grey glass. It was by far the most challenging design in the set of three and due to the nature of the hand-fabricated setting could not be re-cast. I have a maternal-like attachment to it and will be very sad to see it go.